CoSy - CC2 - Complex Systems Approaches to Understanding Causes and Consequences of Past, Present and Future Climate Change


Position Name Main Interests e-mail room no. phone no.
Group Leader Dr. Reik Donner Development and application of methods for complex networks and nonlinear time series analysis A56, 3.43 0331-288-2064
Scientists (externally funded) Catrin Kirsch (Gellhorn)
(GOTHAM Project)
Network analysis in global climate methods A56, 3.44 0331-288-2472
PhD students Jasper Franke Complex systems approaches to identifying paleoclimate tipping points A56, 3.41 0331-288-20746
Nikoo Ekhtiari Coupled climate network analysis of South American climate A56, 3.36 0331-288-2461
Catrin Ciemer Complex network analysis of climate and vegetation interaction in South America A56, 3.38 0331-288-2521
PhD students (externally funded) Jaqueline Lekscha
(Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)
Recurrence analysis of past climate variability A56, 3.45 0331-288-20702
Forough Hassanibesheli
(DAAD scholar)
Coupling of identification in network of dynamical systems from the timing of extreme events A56, 3.36 0331-288-2049
Frederik Wolf
(IRTG 1740)
Pattern formation in climate networks A56, 3.38 0331-288-20700
Martin Bastian
(Heinrich Böll Stiftung)
AI enforced investigation of extreme precipitation events A56, 3.41 0331-288-20744
PhD students (external) Dilya Willink (Utkuzova)
(ATB Potsdam)
Spatio-temporal dynamics and synoptic characteristics of wet and drought extremes in Northern Eurasia
Giorgia di Capua
Nonlinear forecasting of the Indian Summer Monsoon
Carlos Carrizeles
(Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico City)
Multifractal time series analysis using complex network methods
Administrative assistance Gabriele Pilz Project coordination A56, 3.28 0331-288-20769
Student assistants Leonna Szangolies Climate extremes and their impacts in tropical marine ecosystems
Felix Fauer Quantile regression analysis of climate variability
Johannes Kassel Increasing functionality of the pyunicorn software package
Jonathan Krönke Software development and support for the pyunicorn package
Stefan Fuchs Predictability of climate extremes using machine learning techniques
MSc/BSc students Lea Heinze Coupled network analysis of climate extremes and extreme responses of terrestrial ecosystems
Stefan Fuchs Predictability of climate extremes using machine learning techniques
Former staff members Wolfram Barfuss Software development for complex networks and nonlinear time series analysis
Boyan Beronov Software development for complex network and nonlinear time series analysis
Isabelle Gauger Climate network analysis for urban agglomerations
Nils Harmening Climate network analysis of monsoon - high latitude teleconnections
Eva Hauber Data-adaptive definition of extremes in climate and ecosystem variables
Mikhail Khotyakov Attractor dimensions and clustering in recurrence networks
Pascal Klamser Influence of spin doctors on the dynamics of adaptive vodel models
Jakob Kolb Agent-based modeling of the socio-ecological dynamics of the Maya civilization
Jann Launer Modelling of socio-economic dynamics under changing environmental conditions - The Maya civilization as a case study
Michael Lindner Complex network analysis of flows
Francisco Lopes (DAAD scholar) Nonlinear analysis of environmental radioactivity and its atmospheric drivers
Julian Maluck Climate and weather impacts on economic processes
Viola Mettin Trend analysis of extreme surface air temperatures over Europe using quantile regression
Chiranjit Mitra Stability concepts and bipartite models for decision-making processes
Florian Mix Adaptive network modeling of stock markets
Adrian Odenweller Coupled complex network analysis of extreme precipitation in the Asian monsoon region
Christian Passow Trends in climatological extreme events
Jakob Runge Causality between environmental variables
Fredrica Särdquist Complex network analysis of TraCE-21ka model data
Jonatan Siegmund
(Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst e.V.)
Co-occurance of climate extremes and terrestrial ecosystem responses
Christiane Walter Project coordination
Oliver Weisse Geometry and Topology of spacially embedded networks
Marc Wiedermann Application of coupled network approaches in Earth System Analysis
Dilya Willink (Utkuzova)
(DAAD Scholar)
Spatio-temporal dynamics and synoptic characteristics of wet and drought extremes in Northern Eurasia
Malte Ziebarth Spatial networks with time-dependent node sets